Just a few of our most recent testimonials from some of our clients


Graham Noble has been a highly professional person on dealing with our small investment package, aligned with what I would expect with having a bigger amount to invest. He has delivered this professionalism in a very personable and accessible way that has made my wife and I feel fully involved without feeling overwhelmed with financial jargon and ensured we have understood everything throughout. In addition Rosalind and Kim have also been fantastic during our dealings with a friendly and again professional approach to all of our dealings. Thanks to all at Churchill
Having worked briefly in the financial sector for a very aggressive company, I very much appreciated the style of approach from Churchill, which was professional and quite relaxed. The advisor was also very easy going and I didn’t get the feeling I was being “sold” to or hurried into making a decision.
After an initial consultation it was very clear that there were some suitable options for my situation and maybe as important, I felt that this was someone I could work with and trust. As a result, I have recommended the advisor to my business partner and a number of other friends.

I thought that I had my shop in order when it came to my personal finances, however a short investigation and overview at the initial meeting with a Churchill advisor demonstrated otherwise. Without aggressively investing or taking me out of my comfort zone, my present and future financial attitude could easily be adjusted to optimise and safeguard my returns.
I have been delighted with Churchill & Partners from the very first contact, which was due to my details being forwarded by a colleague. I have now returned that favour by referring people that I know could benefit enormously from the independent advice given by a highly qualified and experienced Advisor.

For me, the honouring of commitment to the highest level of customer service, has been the key factor in the promotion of an Advisor and a Company who truly care.
My monies are now exposed to an accelerated yet secure rate of growth as opposed to high risk to obtain the yield required. I feel that beyond doubt, the advice given was the very best available for my particular ever changing circumstances. Well done to Churchill & Partners Limited.

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