By browsing the sections of this website you will see a range of financial products for expats and services we provide to our clients. This section includes introductory information about some of the specialised investment products and offshore savings vehicles which we offer via the institutions we work with. It is intended as an overview only, and more details about these products and how they can work for you can be discussed with your advisor – contact us today to make a free introductory appointment with one of our specialist Consultants.  You can do this by clicking here.


Offshore Portfolio Wrappers

A Portfolio Wrapper is simply the structure of your investment which we put into place when you invest with us. This structure has been developed as a way of holding all your investments in one place, for ease of management and administration, as well as to ensure that you always benefit from maximum tax-saving advantages.

This vehicle contains many types of investment including unit trusts, OEICs, stock market funds, structured investments, etc. These are structured and tailor-made according to the client’s own preferences and risk profile, so each solution is unique to the client.

The reason they are sited offshore is to benefit from low or zero tax jurisdictions, which is a huge benefit for an expatriate investor, for whom these types of investments are ideal long-term financial planning solutions.

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Regular Savings

Whether you are saving for a one-off goal or because you want to supplement your income later in life, a tax-efficient regular savings plan can help. These are designed for expats with transient lifestyles, providing a simple and effective solution to saving which moves with you wherever you are in the world, without having to make any changes to your investments.

  • Provides an opportunity to commit to regular saving and to build up a substantial balance.
  • Choose from up to 380 carefully chosen funds to create an investment portfolio that suits your current situation, future plans, and attitude to risk.
  • Ability to move freely between investment funds whenever you wish, creating total freedom of choice.
  • Loyalty bonuses for consistent savers will boost the value of your investments.
  • Choose a currency to suit you – Euros, US dollars, sterling, HK dollars, or Japanese yen.
  • Choose your payment amount, frequency of contributions, and length of time you want to keep investing; payments can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually, including one-off lump sums if preferred. You can start from as little as £100 or $150 a month.
  • Ability to make withdrawals after qualifying period.
  • Check your account online at any time of the day or night by logging in to the client area of our website.

Reviewing your investment outlook
There are so many events in life that will have a direct bearing on your saving priorities – marriage, children, a new career path, moving house or imminent retirement are just some of the factors that will change your investment perspective. These events make it essential that you regularly review your investments and agree any adjustments that may be needed – this is a top priority at Churchill & Partners and we will always be here to guide you in the right direction.

Reassessing your premiums
When you first set up your investment plan, you can set your regular premiums at a level that gives your plan the potential to meet your chosen objectives. But your financial circumstances and priorities will inevitably change over time. A promotion may enhance your ability to save or unexpected financial commitments may put undue strain on your ability to maintain the initial payment levels. The flexibility we offer means you can alter your premium levels in tandem with changes in your circumstances, so you can:

  • Increase your premiums at any time
  • Reduce your premiums (some restrictions may apply with some products)
  • Enjoy a premium holiday
  • Add in single premium top-ups

Your money when you need it
Many investment plans require you to select, at the outset, the date at which you can enjoy the benefits of your investment returns. With our investment products you can have flexible access to your plan proceeds, and you don’t need to take all the funds from the plan in one go.

Automatic fund switching
It makes sense to ensure that your investments are protected from a downturn in the markets as you approach your planned maturity date. In particular, if you are using your plan to provide for your retirement, the ability to switch investments into less volatile funds as you approach your retirement date is a well-proven strategy. We can now offer an automatic fund switching facility that filters your investments progressively into specially-designed lower risk funds during the five years leading up to your planned maturity date.

An hour of your time spent with us may be the best investment you ever made  SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION


Lump Sum Savings

We offer a range of lump sum investment bonds from a number of institutions, all with a particular focus. The main aspects of these bonds are summarised below.

The bond is a ‘wrapper’ owned by the investor; its value is linked to a selection of assets that the investor chooses, but which are owned by the institution. You can normally trade these assets as and when you need to, which allows you to consolidate your investments within a single portfolio, making it easier for you to monitor their performance and saving valuable time. It enables you to:

  • Open a bond with a lump sum from as little as £20,000
  • Add extra lump sums of £2,500 or more
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities from many of the world’s leading fund managers and major stock exchanges
  • Choose exactly how you want to invest your money, with our help
  • Enjoy flexible access to your capital, including an option to take regular withdrawals
  • Switch funds to update your portfolio and keep in step with changes in your life
  • Transfer existing assets into your bond
  • Some investments also include provision for life assurance
  • Reduce paperwork and monitor your investments easily by keeping all the funds in a single wrapper

The benefits of open architecture
Significant flexibility and freedom of choice is provided via access to a wide range of investment asset types. This wide investment choice is known as ‘open architecture’, enabling you to invest in all kinds of offshore or mutual funds, stocks and shares, fixed-interest securities, multi-currency deposits, hedge funds, structured notes, exchange-traded funds and other alternative investments. This means you can customise your portfolio precisely to your individual needs and preferences, without having to compromise in order to fit in with pre-set rules and parameters.

The investment that changes with your life

Your investment needs will change regularly as your life evolves. That’s why our lump sum bond investments are designed to be so flexible. You can take it with you if you need to move from country to country, and you can change the balance of your portfolio to reflect a need for more security, greater potential or a different ethical slant.

There is no legal restriction on your contributions or fund size, so you can invest as much as you wish in your bond and even move assets across from existing investments.

A choice of assets
Our Portfolio Bond products allow you and your advisor to build a portfolio of assets to match your medium- to long-term objectives and your current attitude to risk. You then have freedom to change the assets as and when appropriate.

You can choose from a wide range of assets from all over the world. These include collective investment funds, unit trusts, bank accounts, and stocks and shares quoted on a recognised stock exchange. And subject to approval by the institutions we work with, you can add fixed-interest securities, multi-currency deposits, government stocks, commercial property, hedge funds, structured notes, exchange-traded funds and other alternative investments.

In many cases an option which is available in order to safeguard your investment is to place your investment bond into a trust. This can ensure your wealth is used as you intended during your lifetime and after you die, and may offer some advantages in the future, for example if you are self-employed or get divorced, or if you have an estranged family.

It can also benefit your family or beneficiaries after your death by helping them to avoid complicated probate issues.

An hour of your time spent with us may be the best investment you ever made  SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION