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At Churchill & Partners one of our most important services is portfolio management for expats.  As independent financial advisors we have access to a myriad of different investment solutions and tailor make our recommendations for clients, based on individual requirements and the choices available to us from the various institutions and fund managers with whom we work.  The advantages of using an expert to manage your expat investment portfolio are many, and here we explain more about how this works.

Part of our ongoing commitment to all our clients is that we monitor their portfolios over time, to ensure that their investments are performing to maximum effectiveness and expectations, and at the same minimising tax liabilities.

Obviously no-one can accurately predict the future, however we utilise our finely-tuned skills in order to assess which investment options and structures are best for our clients, and due to the close links we have with our partner financial institutions we can ensure that we are on top of any developments which are likely to affect outcomes, as and when they occur.  This means that you don't have to worry about managing your expat investment portfolio as we do all the work for you.

Investment Freedom

By utilising the investment solutions which we provide via our institutional partners, we can provide the ultimate in investment freedom and flexibility, as well as security and protection from fluctuating returns. We provide access to medium to long-term investments which adapt as your life unfolds, with the ability to change assets, make payments, and take withdrawals – whatever suits your evolving lifestyle.

International investment is a serious business, and managing your investments as an expat is our top priority. You need to know that a safe and reputable company manages your money. But that’s just the starting point: flexibility is important and so is choice.

Utilising our services as portfolio managers puts you in charge of your financial future. It gives you the power to control your investments but takes away the administrative chores that go hand in hand with managing your own portfolio.

Equally importantly, the products we offer are structured to provide tax efficiency whether your investment strategy is geared for growth, capital preservation, or designed to provide a regular income. We are the perfect partner to help you protect and develop your portfolio of investments, and by utilising our offshore locations you can receive benefits wherever and whenever it suits you and without tax deductions at source.

We can offer you total investment freedom, allowing you to include your existing investment holdings, pay your investment amount in cash or a mixture of both. We can help you to build a diverse portfolio from equities, fixed interest securities, cash instruments or a wide range of investment funds specially selected to suit a variety of investment needs. Whatever you choose, we can provide a bespoke and tailored service, designed around your interests and needs, which will work hard for you far into the future.

Administrative Excellence

We understand the critical importance of efficient administration in the management of a complex investment portfolio. It requires the execution of a wide range of transactions as well as dealing with the regular flow of associated paperwork. Our aim is to ensure that all the administration connected with the management of your investments is handled with the maximum efficiency and with a high level of responsiveness. We do the work on your behalf, so you can get on with your life knowing that your money is in good hands.

Regular Reporting

Every three months we will provide you with full details of your portfolio, including valuations of your investments and any dividends or other income received, along with details of any transactions made.

In addition, we will provide you with a written confirmation of all investment transactions as they occur.

We will also contact you either by phone or in person, in order to conduct a full review of your investment portfolio, and advise you on any adjustments and changes which may be needed.

By carrying out regular reviews of our clients’ portfolios we can keep on top of any factors affecting their value, spot trends, and make necessary recommendations for adjustments, fund switches and address any other issues arising.

Instant Access To Information

As well as providing you with full details of your policies we believe that the ability to constantly monitor and control your investments is crucial. You can contact us directly at any time by e-mail, phone and via the Contact Us page of this website.  You can also log into the secure client area of our institutional partners’ websites. You will be able to use this facility to:

  • Obtain your policy details, including their current value
  • Obtain investment fund prices and performance
  • Access general financial information which is not available to the public

Quality That Shines Through

In summary, our Portfolio Management services offer:

  • Investment freedom and flexibility
  • Personalised portfolio management
  • Efficient administration
  • Security through safe custody of assets
  • Significant tax advantages
  • Regular valuations and reviews
  • Ready access to your capital
  • Facility to take regular income
  • Instant, secure access to your policy details online

The importance of effective portfolio management cannot be underestimated, and is one of the key parts of our expat financial planning services, which you can discuss with us in more detail by arranging a meeting or discussion with us.

Contact us for more details and we can explain how this can work for you.  You can reach us by phone on +44 (0)1245 216030 or via the Contact Us page of this website.

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