Do you really know how safe your savings are?

How much protection do you really get from your savings? Do you keep your funds in European banks, and if so did you know that the financial protection limits for bank accounts per institution is only 100,000 Euros?

So just like many people in European countries with problematic economies, you may have thought your money is secure, but in the event of unforeseen disasters this may not be as true as you believe it to be.  How to ensure your funds are safe when working as an expat is one of the major aspects of concern suffered by people working away from their home country, and one that we can address by providing accurate and reliable professional advice.

Safety First - are offshore financial institutions secure?

We utilise only offshore environments that offer unrivalled levels of investor protection and service. You may not be aware that from a safety point of view, offshore institutions based in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man come top of the list in terms of security because of the way they are set up. For example, at least 90% of assets are held by independent trustees – this means that your investments are actually significantly safer than being held in a bank.

Flexibility and Access

In most cases you can access your funds in case you need them, for example if you have unforeseen expenditure or if you need to fund the purchase of a major item or provide a deposit for buying a house.

Whether you have a lump sum available to invest, or you wish to save monthly over a period of time, the offshore option will serve you best as an expat (or international professional), as it is geared totally towards people who are living and working away from their country of birth, and who can benefit from the huge tax savings and superior investment performance provided by the types of investments we manage for our clients.

And with the reliability and security afforded by the major international institutions we work with, you can rest assured that your money is working at its hardest, and being held in safe hands.

Generating real investment growth

With inflation running at rates several times the levels of return achieved by those available through mainstream banks, it makes sense to look at other investment options in order to build a sensible plan for your future.

A question often asked by our clients is 'how can I invest money as an expat?'  If you talk to us about your options, we can give you a secure home for your investments, whatever your level of income and financial ability.  We specialise in providing financial advice for expats and can also advise you on how to ensure your funds are safe and to minimise risk levels.  We can give you an overview of how to make finance work for you, and all it will take to get started is an hour of your time to meet with one of our Consultants.

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